About Me

My name is Carlos Diaz Barriga and I’m an international media graduate student at American University’s School of Communication (AU) and a graduate fellow at AU’s Center for Latin American & Latino Studies.


I am a writer and communications professional interested in media and international affairs.

I have worked and studied in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

My undergrad studies were in marketing but I took a small left turn when I graduated and went into corporate and financial public relations. During my three-year stint at Burson-Marsteller, I worked with clients in the publishing, alcohol, insurance, credit repair, recruitment and, strangely enough, copper industries (to name a few). The exposure to the many industries and the communication challenges each one had inspired me to improve my skills and further study the international media field – which led me to my MA program at American University.

During my first year at American University, I was a teaching assistant for a course titled “Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Media.” I guided discussions on topics such as the portrayal of working women in the “Mad Men” series and the Latina stereotypes in television series like “Desperate Housewives” and “Modern Family.”

I have a passion for studying on the interaction between media, society and government. In the past year, I have written on and researched topics like U.S. foreign policy affairs in Latin America, Yik Yak and college student protests, online harassment against female journalists, corruption in Latin America, the state of news media in Mexico and LGBTQ+ representation in television.

This website holds different media writing and production samples from various projects and graduate courses.

Hope you enjoy!